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. we're live in san jose where police are investigating a shooting between women at a popular shopping center. we'll tell you what officers have been piece together so far. we're live in san francisco where police are searching for people who shot at an under cover police officer while he was driving. a day of demonstration, the police bracing for the first
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anniversary of occupy oakland. . panda power is now going into the record booker. giants fans get ready for game two of the world series after watching history last night. the morning news continues. . we're ready. good morning to you. it is thursday october 25th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook, let's start with steve paulson. a little warming but drizzle out there. >> low cloud drizzle this morning. it will be sunny and nice later on. upper 50s, game time near 60 degrees. there are areas and pockets of drizzle. i will talk about that and take a look to the weekend. westbound 44 looking pretty good. it's a decent drive at this
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time. it getting more crowded by the money. we're looking at north and southbound 880. san jose police are investigating a shooting near a strip mall. it happened around 2:45 this morning nor the plant shopping center on monterrey road. janine de la vega is out at the scene to tell us what police are saying this morning. >> reporter: this is a popular shotting center. during the day this place is packed here. this shooting happened between babies r us here behind me and the office max. you can see where a bullet hit the building here on the babies r us and further down, another bullet struck the side of the office max. you can see it hit it in two places. police are back at the station trying to figure out what led up to this assault. officers say just before 3:00 this morning, they responded to the plant shopping from our report that shots
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were fired. two men and a woman were walking in the parking lot near the office max. police say a car pulled up to them and someone started shooting. it's unclear if it was a planned meeting or a fight between the victims. >> witnesses accounts saying the vic -- victim and suspect knew each other. we trying to dig through what the argument was about. all we know shots were fired and the victim was hit. >> reporter: police tracked down that vehicle and they say that it was involved in that shooting. they stopped the mercedes about a mile away and they took the two women into custody. they were 28 and 38 years old. police say there was evidence found in that car. those two suspects are back at the station and they are being interviewed as far as the
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victim she's at a local hospital and we're told she will survive and she was hit somewhere on the leg. you can see some of the damage from this shooting that still needs to be cleaned up. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news just hours ago in san francisco, shots were fired at an undercover police officer. tara moriarty is live to tell us what the suspects left behind that may help police capture them. >> reporter: one woman is in custody here at the mission police station. people are hoping and questioning here she will be able to tell them who the suspects are. the three left behind a car, a gun and a cell phone that they dropped on the sidewalk as they were trying to run away. right now, an under cover police car has two bullet holes in it. one striking very close to where the officer was sitting. luckily he wasn't hurt.
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about 1:00 to this morning the sergeant was heading near cesar chavez. he noticed a gray sedan that looked suspicious. the people inside of that car fired at him. >> we had a police inspector who was fired upon by suspects. his vehicle was hit at least a couple times here. we do have one suspect in custody from that vehicle. we're searches now to locate at least the other two suspects. >> reporter: the secretary did -- sergeant did not return fire. even though the officer wasn't hurt, it was really close call. police are working diligently to track down the two suspects. we have a very vague description of them. we're hoping we can learn more information later this morning and pass it along to you. live from mission station in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news.
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occupy oakland is vowing to reclaim frank ogawa plaza today as the group marks one year since its eviction. city leaders say keep the peace is a top priority. oakland mayor jean quan said the city has changed how it handle demonstrations. demonstrators plan to march through downtown starting at 7:00 and returning to frank ogawa plaza. >> we have a lot of confidence that we can handle the demonstrations. >> organizers urging people to bring opportunities, warm clothe -- tents, warm clothing. mayor quan said there will be no tolerance for overnight camping. meantime today is the deadline for oakland to rule on last year's street clash.
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among those injured iraq war veteran olsen. giants fans now getting ready for game two of the world series. after seeing baseball history at at&t park last night. incredible. pablo sandoval now just the fourth player in major league history to hit three home runs in world series game. the panda led the giants to an 8-3 win over the tigers and the world series opener. only babe ruth, reggie jackson and albert pujols have hit three homers in one world series game. >> it was awesome. we couldn't ask for a better game to start off. we're going to win. >> the giants big win over the tigers last night have a lot of
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fans feeling real confident they've going to win another world series championship. the highlight of the game for a lot of fans, of course, was sandoval's history making home runs. >> sandoval is crazy. zito as well. >> panda sandoval, that was the highlight, not one, not two, and three, he almost had four. he did it tonight. >> a lot of fans gone to great lengths to get a ticket. one guy even went on a hunger strike to raise money for tickets. fans offer to exchange services like house painting for tickets on craigslist. giants pitcher, madison bumgarner is rested and ready to play. he will start game two world series. we haven't seen bumgarner since game one.
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a messy game that landed him in the bull pen. bumgarner said he is ready to go. you can watch game two right here on ktvu channel 2. time now 6:08, giants fan number one, sal cast know -- sal was there last night. >> the parking down there was premium. i saw one place charging $130 to park the suv. little steep down there. let's take a look at the commute northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. that traffic looks good. it you're driving to the game, keep in mind, lot of people comes up from the peninsula and
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east bay and it gets crowded. also the morning commute, the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up. as people get in from the game from east bay. the backup is about 10 to 15 minutes here. nothing major, you want to give yourself an extra 5tor 10 -- 5 or 10 minutes s. also grass the bay, hayward traffic is off to a good start. let's go to steve. it looks just fine. yesterday the weather was beautiful, we'll carry into this afternoon. now this morning we have a lot of low cloud and a lot of that will burn off. temperatures will be a little bit warmer. some of that low cloud deck is
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producing midst and drizzle. cloud and rain forecast wipe this all out by noon. some low cloud around. there it is, it's out of the picture. this low cloud deck will be out of here. high pressure is building in. the rain moves out and low leaves left behind. it will give us warmer weather. we'll take that into your weekend. after dealing with some that drizzle here this morning, seeing just a little bit. 50s on the tempts some of these lows are 2 to 12 degrees warmer. what's heading north is the next system. high pressure is coming in and that will burn off low cloud deck. light rain drizzle here this morning. high humidity but it will go mostly sunny to partly sunny.
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this low cloud pattern might hold on for some. friday we'll take that right into the weekend, night and morning fog will burn off sooner. a new crime warning for drivers in the east bay. the city where a string of burglaries is now being investigated. a southern raffle to encourage people to vote. the unique offer that's triggering a lot of attention. plus president obama picks up a big endorsement this morning. the high profile republican who is backing the commander-in- chief for another 4 years.
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. time now 6:14, new this morning. former secretary of state collin powell he's endorsing president obama. just little while ago this morning in a tv interview, collin powell says he respects mitt romney but he thinks the republican presidential nominee has been vague on many issues. colin powell praises president obama for getting out of iraq and getting out of afghanistan and not getting the country into any new wars. colin powell also endorsed president obama back in 2008. already this morning, the presidential candidates are campaigning in key swing states. jacqueline is here with details on all the stops.
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>> reporter: president barack obama is getting an early start. he's already campaigning in tampa, florida. he's been talking to the crowd for just about 10 minutes now. this is all part of his 2 day, 6 state tour. >> waking up early. you know, we are right in the middle of our 48 hour fly around campaign extravaganza. >> reporter: he'll also be in virginia, and ohio today. republican challenger mitt romney is spending his day in ohio. he has three campaign events scheduled. no republican has won the presidency without winning ohio now a new poll from time magazine out today shows barack obama leading mitt romney by 5 points in that battleground state. live in washington, jacqueline ktvu channel 2. in georgia, a gun store owner is making news by offering voters a chance to win
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a free gun. he is raffling off the gun to encourage people to vote in the election. it caught the attention of georgia state senator who wants to know in the raffle is legal. california may set a voter registration record for the november 6th election. secretary of state office in the 45 days leading up the registration deadline, more than 679,000 new voters were added to the state's voter roll. that number is expected to climb to application that's haven't been verified yet are added to the list. a final tally will be released november 2nd. ment a colorado teenager suspected of kidnapping and killing 10-year-old jessica ridgeway become in court this morning. the 17-year-old was arrested tuesday night. jessica's body was found a few days after she zapped on her way to school -- disappeared on
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a her way to school. a 19-year-old man is now facing charges in the deaths-israel brother's -- his brothers wife and two small children in rancho cordova. grigoriy bukhantsov was arrested yesterday. investigators say the suspect killed his sister-in-law and his 3-year-old daughter. a 6-month-old baby was not hurt. the suspect had a strange relationship with his family. they're not sure what prompted the attack. fremont police are warning people about a string of car burglaries. at least 9 cars were broken into this week alone. on monday someone smashed the windows of several cars of the fremont hub shopping center. several more car break-in.s were broken in on tuesday. police remind people not to
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leave valuables inside your car. new dock at the international pace station. u.s. astronaut kevin will join the three man crew already on board the station. they are bringing supplies and they will stay on board for 5 months conducting experiments and doing some repair work. time now 6:18, sal, is traffic awake in contra costa county? >> i think it is. highway 40 going to see a little bit of slow traffic coming over the hill. it has been pretty slow here. slow in antioch, there is a break in pittsburg. you should be aware it's there. also this morning we're looking a the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up 15 minute wait
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get into san francisco. we checked in bart, they're running trains on time at this hour. if you driving on hayward freeway, 880 or 92, the traffic there looks good heading across the bay. we'll be checking with sfo to make sure we don't have any air delays. we don't have anything significant. well, midst, drizzle or even light rain. some area and pockets worth coming down. couple 100. i seen a .04 and .05 higher elevation. it will be gone by noon. most of this is gone and everything is good to go for nice forecast for game two. mostly sunny, 59 to about 60 degrees. some of that drizzle is showing up. you hard pressed to find it. it's so low that the radar is over the top of it. it's still there. once that burns off, we start
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off mild. we're in the 50s here. 55 for san jose, antioch and livermore. it won't take long. but the storm track, the jetstream taking everything north. once this goes away, this being this low cloud, we'll have sunshine and temperatures will start to warm up. low clouds and drizzle this morning. higher humidity and partly sunny this afternoon. 60 to near 70 degrees. the trend taking temperatures up going into the weekend. afternoon high, will be in the mid-upper 70s. orderers for long lasting u.s. manufacturing goods surged last month. commerce report on durable goods orders jumped 9.9%. that reflects a rebound in aircraft orders.
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slower global growth has decreased demand for u.s. exports, manufacturing has not increased quickly this year. the federal government is suing bank of america for mortgage fraud. the lawsuit claims bank of america caused taxpayers more than $1 billion in losses by selling thousands of toxic mortgage loans to fannie mae and freddie mac. last february agreed to $170 million. the turkeys are taking over. what's happening in the city of davis and what's being blamed for this growing unusual problem. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins.
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vote yes on thirty-eight.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2. time now 6:25, this morning police in oakland say three robbery suspects are in custody. they found the suspects last night in a home. police convinced one suspect to surrender and made two arrests. one man has died more than a week after a street brawl in
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san francisco's mission district. the chronicle reports the victim has been identified 40- year-old jose. police is calling his death suspicious. the violence erupted on october 16th. a second man who was also hurt is expected to survive. police are looking for at least 5 suspects. the city of davis has an unusual problem. turkeys are taking over. more than hundred wild turkeys have been roaming.
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. good morning pam. we have a new crash reported in san francisco at the corner of turk and taylor. let's take a look at the southbound bay, getting up to 880. the traffic here is getting busier. if you're driving, 680 traffic does look good. let's go to steve. lot of low clouds, light midst drizzle or light rain out there. that will give way to mostly sunny skies today. looks good for game two. upper 50s to near 60 degrees mostly sunny partly sunny. little bit of drizzle there. it there. look for 60 to near 70s under mostly sunny skies. come up next, driver lost
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control on a san francisco overpass and plunged 40 feet. the reason police say it's a miracle no bystanders were injured. police searching for two men who fired at a police officer. why the suspects may not have known who they were targeted. we'll take you live to the opening bell next to see what is in focused on wall street.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. right on time the opening bell and those are our friends from san jose. showering the exchange there with some confetti. they are celebrating their 30 year anniversary. launches its metrics not miss market campaign. adobe system there on the
6:31 am
nasdaq. the new york stock exchange has campaign sick to debt. we're looking live at traders now. we'll go ahead and smile and say good morning to you. we thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2. a new day. it's thursday october 25th i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam. >> we have new story, one person detain evidence shots were fired at a police officer. tara moriarty it live on the latest of a manhunt of the suspect. what do we know? >> reporter: one woman is in custody here at the mission police station and two male suspects are still on the loose. all three left behind a car, a gun and a cell phone that was dropped on the sidewalk as they were trying to run away. the trio was driving on 101 northbound. they shot at an under cover
6:32 am
inspector driving an unmarked compact car. that car now has two bullet holes in it. one striking very close to where the officer was sitting. luckily he wasn't hurt. it all happened around 1:30 this morning as we said the inspector driving northbound near the cesar chavez exit he noticed a gray sedan looked suspicious. he ran a license plate, the people inside of that car fired at him. >> he wasn't injured thankfully. >> how many shots did they fire at the officer? >> he said there were multiple rounds fired at him. >> reporter: the sergeant, the inspector did not return fire. he alert other units. it ended at bryant where three suspects jumped out and running. even though the officer wasn't hurt, it was a close call. these are questions that they hope the woman they are holding
6:33 am
in custody here can answer for them. live from the mission substation, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2. overnight news after last night's giants world series victory, a driver lost control and his car went over an overpass. this happened about 10:00 last night. the car wept through a railing and dropped at least 40 feet before landing on its roof. >> the circumstances involved here with no one else injured and with 6 people transported to the hospital all stable, is a miracle. >> rescuers used a jaws of life to get the driver and the 5 passengers out. well in world series news, giants fans gearing up for game two after last night's 8-3 victory over the tiger.
6:34 am
ktvu channel 2 claudine wong is inside of the at&t park where the giants put on an amazing show. >> reporter: good morning we are inside the park. it's nice to be here. even though game two doesn't start until this afternoon. we are sitting in seat 13 and 14 because these are annie and vince seats. their son rudy told me if i sit here long enough, maybe i can stay. take a look, you can see lots of activity this morning. it is raining a bit out here. let's talk about game one because people this morning still can't stop talking about game one. let's talk about the panda, pablo sandoval his performance yesterday was just spectacular
6:35 am
and surprised even him. three home runs that puts him in a very small group of people. only the fourth to hit 3 home runs in a world series. as exciting as that was, as energized as this ballpark was, he said he had to stay calm. >> i was thinking this situation, 3 homers in one game, you have to keep focus and play your game. you don't have to be too excited. to have keep playing your -- you have to keep playing your game. >> reporter: they cannot talk about barry zito last night too. because what a game he had. after the game was talking about zito and his performance and really how great he was. he didn't play in the post season last year and this year, he said he was surprised and called surreal. he too talked about staying
6:36 am
focused. >> when you start buying into all the hype and everything, you lose yourself a little bit. >> reporter: all right, back live out here at at&t park this morning. you can see lights are on. you can see it is wet out here. the rain is coming down just a little bit. really spinning on us now. on every level of this ball mark now -- ballpark now, you got crews cleaning up the trash. people are really couldn't get enough of it. we take look over at the mound, you can see things are covered up certainly they want to keep this field nice and ready for tonight's game. you got bumgarner on the mound. we'll see you back here.
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everybody wants tickets, scalping is illegal. coming up, the advice seasoned buyers have for buying tickets from scalpers. san francisco police did make several arrest during last night's game. within of them was a man who climbed up the o'doul bridge. our coverage starts at 4:30 this morning following early edition ktvu channel 2 news at 43:78. last night president obama was on the tonight show with jay leno. he was asked which team he's supporting in the world series. >> their both great teams. san francisco, they came, they won and did the traditional
6:38 am
white house visit. detroit, they beat my white sox out of a pennant. i spent a lot of time in detroit lately. i didn't want to let detroit go bankrupt. >> you figure it out. in the end the president seem to indicate he maybe supporting detroit. it has something to do with michigan. support back here at home seems to be slipping for governor jerry brown's tax measure. new survey shows 48% of likely voters support prop 30 while 44% are against it. this is the first time support dropped below 50%. prop 30 would raise sale taxes by a quarter of cent and raise income taxes on people earning more than $250, 000 a career. if it fails, this could trigger billions of dollars in education cuts. coming up for you today governor jerry brown will be
6:39 am
here joining us live. he'll be talking about his tax plan and his recent offer to have the california highway patrol help the oakland police department as it faces the worse police shortage in years. certainly interesting to hear from him. sal, last time you were talking about a new crash. >> that's right, there's a injury crash turk and taylor in san francisco. we mentioned and they are still at the scene an that corner. let's also talk some slow traffic in other parts of the bay area. i want to start off with the bay bridge toll plaza here. it is backed up and 20 minute delay now. you can see a little bit of water coming through here. nothing major. steve will have an update on the forecast in just a moment. i bet you wondering what it will be like later tonight? >> right now on 880 northing the traffic -- north the
6:40 am
traffic is moving along well. condition will be better for this afternoon and evening. no word on rain for tonight. there's an easterly breeze in place. usually see flag going in that direction. we have a little bit of offshore breeze. again, this will disappear here by noon. some areas might take longer. areas of light rain drizzle will give way to mostly sunny skies and mild tempts. some that showing up from san francisco, oakland. the cloud rain forecast model takes most of this low cloud deck and by noon there it goes. trend, we'll see this burn off. high pressure is building in. the rain moves out up above this low cloud deck is sunny.
6:41 am
there's no higher cloud deck up there. warmer weather takes over a little bit today but more so on friday and saturday. , san jose some return showing up but also right around the bay bridge and also san francisco, we had reports on light rain s on the tempts r running about 2 to 12 degrees. everything says i'm going north. high pressure to build in and give us mostly sunny conditions after this morning drizzle and very light rain. temperatures near 60 to 70 degrees. temperatures inching up a little bit today. we'll see warmer weather on friday, saturday afternoon high some upper 70s. a shooting in san jose happened just hours ago near a popular strip mall. what investigators are telling us now. occupy supporters planning
6:42 am
another gathering here this morning. good morning, if you're driving northbound 101 san francisco, we'll tell you more about the morning commute in the bay area.
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. good morning, we have some low clouds and drizzle and light rain. that will give way to mostly sunny skies.
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welcome back, good morning to you, here's a quick look some of the top stories following for you right now. giants fans getting ready for game two of the world series after they saw baseball history last night at at&t park. pablo sandoval hit 3 home runs becoming just the fourth player in major league history to do that in a world series game. the pandas three homers led the giants to an 8-3 win over the detroit tigers. san francisco police have one person in custody right now after shots were fired at an under cover police officer just hours ago. it happened on 101 near the cesar chavez exit. police found the suspect's vehicle at 23rd and bryant. there are two suspects out there on the loose. other top story this morning, a shooting near a popular strip mall in san jose is being investigated now. it happened just hours ago in the plant shopping center on
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monterrey road. that's where we find janine de la vega showing us several stores are damaged by bullet holes. report that's right, the shooting happened right between the babies r us. it is behind me and there's a office max next door. a police officer actually just met with one of the managers inside babies r us to show him the damage where the bullet hit a building. another bullet also hit the side of the office max. you can see where there's also shattered glass there as well. at this point, we are not sure how many shots were fired. police were told by witnesses at 2:45 this morning, two men and one woman was walking where a car pulled up to them. officers spotted it a mile away at center rode and wool creek road.
6:47 am
officers started following it. >> the vehicle blew a couple red likes when the officer caught up to the vehicle, it actually pulled over. there wasn't any pursuit. we found evidence linking them to the crime. >> reporter: a 20-year-old woman and 30-year-old woman in that car were arrested and they are taken back to the police station. they're in the process of being booked. they say for assault with deadly weapon. police don't know the motive at this time. it appears that the suspect and victim knew each other. that victim is at a local hospital. she was hit by a bullet in her lower body but she is going to be okay. back out here live again, you can see all of this shattered glass that needs to be cleaned up. we were trying to get the attention of some of the people in the store, stocking the shovels. we were curious to see if that bullet actually went through the store. we're still trying to find that
6:48 am
out. reporting live in san jose. the city of oakland getting ready now for today's planned protest by occupy oakland. ktvu channel 2 brian flores is downtown where protesters say they will take over frank ogawa plaza. >> reporter: definitely quiet here for frank ogawa plaza. in just a few hours that is expected to change. we are expecting very large occupy supporters here. you mentioned earlier, they are planning to mark the one year anniversary. what we are expecting today starting around noon, are the occupiers trying to gather and planning to take back the plaza. organizers are urging supporter to dress in black and stand it solidarity. it is expected to last overnight.
6:49 am
as you can imagine, there's also expected a large police presence here today to prevent any vandalism or violence. police tell us the goal to facilitate lawful and peaceful protest. >> we're hopeful now because within the last few weeks we've seen some constant individuals involved in oakland occupy movement come out and publicly say acts of vandalism and criminal acts are not with the message. >> reporter: oakland police are asking the public to report any incidents. as for many of the businesses, they do say they will remain open as will the city of oakland. but the oakland ymca say they will be closing earlier. today is deadline to make a ruling on police officer conduct of last year's clash of
6:50 am
protesters. jordan is recommending discipline their action against 44 police officers. economist stay the numbers this morning from the labor department indicate modest hiring. in the last hour in a half, the government announced first time jobless claims fell by 23,000 last week. that puts the number at 369,000. san francisco police are warning giants fans against buying tickers from scalpers. it's illegal but plenty of fans appear willing to take the chance. season buyers say if you do take the risk, make sure the scalper escort you. they say you can get the best price by waiting until game time or even right after the game starts because prices do drop. you can track all the world series coverage from work at home, or our website you can find the world series tab on your front page.
6:51 am
that leads us right to sal. he's focused on our commute because it's getting busy in the east bay. >> yes it is. right now dave and pam, westbound 80, westbound 24, the bay bridge toll plaza, everything is becoming a lot more crowded now as you try get across. lot of people trying to get across the bay to san francisco. not everyone but a lot of people on this highway. interstate 80 coming out. to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up. little bit of water on the lens here. just a lot of slow traffic. we'll check to see if something is on the bridge that's making the traffic slowly. on the peninsula, we had rain little bit here and there. highway 1, little bit of slow traffic there.
6:52 am
let's go to steve. we do have lot of drizzle out there. even light rain. it's all with low cloud deck up above, there's nothing that really support it. it will be gone by this afternoon and temperature will start to warm up here. it mostly sunny and partly sunny. looks good. now the storm track is moving north but we still have to deal with drizzle and light rain that is left behind. kind of muggy, lows are much warmer than we saw 24 hours ago. by noon most of this should be gone. radars does pick up a few returns. also right near the bay bridge, oakland over into san francisco had numerous reports. there are some areas getting light rain and measurable amount. 50s on the tempts. as far as the jetstream it's going north. after the low clouds and drizzle, light rain in the
6:53 am
morning, sun and cloud, mostly sunny, partly sunny, highs will be in the 60s and 70 degrees. on the extended outlook, will be warmer as we head to friday, mainland tempts up and next rain will be next wednesday. halloween, hopefully not. high school teacher arrested in contra costa on drug charges. item found in his car. also hurricane sandy still moving still causing major destruction in the caribbean. we'll to show you and how this could impact another storm on the east coast.
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6:56 am
. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. live look at the big board. dow jones up 68 points. responding positively to some recent economic news this morning. time now 6:56, caribbean bracing for more destruction as hurricane sandy moves through. i want to show you this from cuba. the category 2 storm generated big waves. more than 400 people evacuated
6:57 am
coastal areas. jamaica and haiti were damaged by this storm. hurricane sandy could intensify a storm headed for east coast. weather people predict remnants of sandy could collide with an early winter storm west. all three expected to produce gail force winds, rain and even snow. the worst of it is expected to hit the east coast early tuesday. hercules school teenager has been arrested on suspicion of selling marijuana. allen goodman was in custody yesterday after they found a pound of marijuana and $4200 of cash in his car. police were called to the hercules middle school campus after a worker found his vehicle unattended with the engine running in the parking lot. it still unclear if goodman sold drugs to any of the students. a memorial will be held today for a union city teacher who died earlier in month. christopher ryan died at james logan high school.
6:58 am
the cause of his death is still under investigation. today's memorial is at 3:45 at the logan high performing arts center. let's quicking go to sal. >> little bit slow dave. coming up morning sun, we'll show you more of this commute and also look at ace bay commute. the southbound traffic is getting busy. the traffic is going to be busy. now let go to steve. lots of drizzle out there. it will be gone by this afternoon and evening looks good for game two. you can see some of that drizzle there. we'll talk more about that coming up. also coming up, can't say this enough, the panda mauling the tigers. early morning manhunt in san francisco district. stay right here with us. ow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age.
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